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Standing Rock - 12/02/2016

Veterans Deploy To Standing Rock #NoDAPL

Over two-thousand veterans are on their way to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation to join the #NoDAPL Water Protectors. Co-founder Michael A. Wood, Jr. discusses the Veterans For Standing Rock movement. Support the Veterans For Standing Rock #NoDAPL here:

Guy McPherson in New Zealand

Guy McPherson - Presentation in Hamilton New Zealand

Defeat and frustration flow in this PSA suggesting alternate ways to higher peace and acceptance

22 Minutes: Angry Yoga

Bill targeting "Russian propaganda" websites passed

House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting "Russian Propaganda" Websites

2 December, 2016

On November 30, one week after the Washington Post launched its witch hunt against "Russian propaganda fake news", with 390 votes for, the House quietly passed "H.R. 6393, Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017", sponsored by California Republican Devin Nunes (whose third largest donor in 2016 is Google parent Alphabet, Inc), a bill which deals with a number of intelligence-related issues, including Russian propaganda, or what the government calls propaganda, and hints at a potential crackdown on "offenders."

A quick skim of the bill reveals "Title V—Matters relating to foreign countries", whose Section 501 calls for the government to "counter active measures by Russia to exert covert influence … carried out in coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly.”

The section lists the following definitions of media manipulation:

Establishment or funding of a front group.
Covert broadcasting.
Media manipulation.
Disinformation and forgeries.
Funding agents of influence.
Incitement and offensive counterintelligence.
Terrorist acts.

As ActivistPost correctly notes, it is easy to see how this law, if passed by the Senate and signed by the president, could be used to target, threaten, or eliminate so-called “fake news” websites, a list which has been used to arbitrarily define any website, or blog, that does not share the mainstream media's proclivity to serve as the Public Relations arm of a given administration.

Curiously, the bill which was passed on November 30, was introduced on November 22, two days before the Washington Post published its Nov. 24 article citing "experts" who claim Russian propaganda helped Donald Trump get elected.

As we reported last week, in an article that has been widely blasted, the WaPo wrote that "two teams of independent researchers found that the Russians exploited American-made technology platforms to attack U.S. democracy at a particularly vulnerable moment, as an insurgent candidate harnessed a wide range of grievances to claim the White House. The sophistication of the Russian tactics may complicate efforts by Facebook and Google to crack down on “fake news,” as they have vowed to do after widespread complaints about the problem."

The newspaper cited PropOrNot, an anonymous website that posted a hit list of alternative media websites, including Zero Hedge, Drudge Report, Activist Post, Blacklisted News, the Ron Paul Report, and many others. Glenn Greenwald penned an appropriate response two days later in "Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group."

PropOrNot has pushed a conspiratorial thesis, without any actual proof, that the listed websites have been either used directly or covertly by the Russians to spread propaganda.

While the bill passed the House with a sweeping majority, it is unknown if and when the bill will work its way through the Senate and be passed into law, although one would think that it has far higher chances of passing under president Obama than the President-Elect. It is also unclear if it will be used to shut down websites anonymously characterized as "useful idiots" or subversive elements used in disseminating supposed Russian propaganda.

Those interested can read the full "H.R. 6393: Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017" at the following location" bill that may soon proclaim much of the internet to be criminal "Russian propaganda" at the following link

From Glenn Greenwald

WikiLeaks reveals secret collaboration between US and German intelligence agencies

Wikileaks bombshell could DESTROY Merkel's plans for EU domination, Julian Assange warns

A TROVE of WikiLeaks documents revealing the true scale of cooperation between the German and US spy agencies risks derailing Angela Merkel's hopes of dominating the EU, Julian Assange has warned.

2 December, 2016

A 90GB cache containing almost 2,500 top-secret documents, now made public by the whistleblowing website, sheds light on the murky relationship between Germany's Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and America's National Security Agency (NSA).

Amongst them are administrative documents, correspondence, agreements and press reactions, WikiLeaks said.

The leaked files were submitted to a German parliamentary inquiry into the surveillance activities of the BND foreign intelligence agency and its US counterpart last year.

WikiLeaks said its revelations of NSA spying on Angela Merkel and other top German, French and EU officials helped bring about the inquiry.

Commenting on the latest release of classified papers, Assange claimed they could derail Germany's ascendancy within the EU.

He said: "This substantial body of evidence proves that the inquiry has been using documents from Mr [Edward] Snowden and yet it has been too cowardly to permit him to testify.

"Germany can not take a leadership role within the EU if it's own parliamentary processes are subservient to the wishes of a non EU state."

WikiLeaks is funded by donations, it received more than $200,000 after the release of the Apache helicopter video

Julian Paul Assange studied at the University of Melbourne where he studied programming, mathematics, and physics, but he did not complete the degree
According to US reports, Julian Assange was not seen as a 'journalist', but as a 'spy' and a 'terrorist'

In 1991, Julian Assange hacked into the computer system of the Canadian telecom powerhouse Nortel, he was arrested and convicted of hacking but did not go to jail

In November 2010, Julian Assange was alleged t
o have committed several crimes against woman during a visit to Sweden
WikiLeaks revealed in 2015 how the NSA had spied on Germany, and how Germany's own BND intelligence agency had cooperated with the NSA to spy on officials and companies elsewhere in Europe.

Subsequent revelations alleged to show how the US spy agency was also snooping on former French presidents Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy as well as incumbent Francois Hollande.

WikiLeaks' latest statement added: "Whilst a number of facts have already come to light as a result of the inquiry including WikiLeaks' publication of inquiry transcripts last year this substantial new collection of primary source documents provides significant new evidence.

"The collection contains early agreements between the BND and the NSA and internal processes at the BND, but also more recent details on the close collaboration between the two agencies.

"For example, one document from the BND states that a BND employee will be tasked to use and write software for XKeyscore, an NSA system for searching and analysing data collected through mass surveillance.

"A number of the documents show how intelligence agencies find ways to work around their own government."

Fear of testimony’: Ruling parties try to block Snowden’s questioning on German soil – media

Edward Snowden © Berit Roald

3 December, 2016

Germany’s ruling CDU and SPD parties have filed an appeal to the Federal Supreme Court to revise its earlier decision that allowed the US whistleblower Edward Snowden to testify before the German parliament on the NSA scandal and Berlin’s ties to it.

The respective document was sent by the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) and the Social Democrats (SPD) to the Supreme Court on Thursday, Berliner Zeitung reports. Martina Renner from the opposition Left Party (Die Linke) has slammed the move, saying the government has “fear of the witness testimony,” the outlet notes. 

© Toru Hanai

In 2013 the former US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Snowden, revealed that the agency widely spied on own citizens as well as international leaders and officials, while getting significant help from German intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND).

In 2014 the German parliament launched a parliamentary inquiry and set up a special committee to investigate the matter. Snowden, who is currently living in exile in Moscow, is wanted by the US on espionage charges following his disclosures.

The CDU and SPD have staunchly opposed the questioning of the whistleblower in Germany, fearing that might lead to tensions with Washington. In order to avoid any “adverse” publicity for Merkel, the government simply “violated the rights of the minority,” the Green MP and parliamentary chief in the Bundestag, Konstantin von Notz reacted to Thursday’s BGH appeal, as quoted by the BZ.

In November the Supreme Court ruled that the German Parliament (the Bundestag) had to “establish the preconditions” for Snowden’s testimony before a parliamentary committee investigating NSA surveillance in Germany.

The ruling followed a request by Die Linke and the Green Party (Bundnis 90/Die Grunen), who wanted to initiate a vote in the Bundestag on whether to invite Snowden for the testimony. Among the conditions demanded by the opposition for his questioning was that he would not be extradited to the US.

Edward Snowden © Marcos Brindicci

A CDU MP and a chairman of the parliamentary NSA committee, Patrick Sensburg, is now mulling an appeal to the Germany’s Highest Constitutional Court, should his party’s appeal be rejected by the Supreme Court.

According to Berliner Zeitung, the Supreme Court is expected to rule on the CDU and SPD appeal in March next year. Yet the NSA parliamentary committee is expected to be done with the witness hearings already in February, in order to present its final report. However, a potential extension of the time frame for the witness hearings till April is also possible.

Berliner Zeitung notes that any potential decision on the constitutional appeal would be made only after the legislation period of the current government and also the end of the current NSA parliamentary committee’s inquiry in September 2017. To invite Snowden to give later testimony before the German lawmakers would require the Bundestag to set up a new committee.

On December 1, the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks released a fresh batch of secret documents regarding the work of the German NSA parliamentary committee and the ties between the BND and US intelligence. The 2,420 documents also contained information regarding other key ministries and facilities linked to the investigation.

US and German military officers killed in Aleppo

Turkish Fighter Jets Kill US, German Military Officers in Syria’s Aleppo

1 December, 2016

Michel Israel from the US state of California, also known as Robin Akri, and Antoun Lesjek, also known as Vazana Juan, from Germany were killed in the Turkish air raids on Kurdish positions in the Western part of Manbij city on November 26," the council announced.

The council declined to reveal any further detail about the two, including their mission in Northern Syria. Both the US and German armies have deployed spies and military trainers in Northern Syria.

In late November, Spokesman of Manbij Military Council Sherfan Dervish voiced his forces' readiness to fight against the ISIS terrorists and Turkish army in Aleppo province in Northern Syria.

"After the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) left Manbij, the city's military council is ready to repel any possible attack by the ISIL and Turkey," Dervish told FNA.

He noted that the SDF's mission in Manbij ended as per an agreement signed by the two sides, adding that the SDF forces have returned to their previous positions.

"The armed groups present in Manbij now are all under the auspices of Manbij military council because the council can thwart any possible attack by the ISIL and Turkey and combat aggressors to maintain stability and security in the city," Dervish dded.

In early August, the SDF pushed ISIL back from the entire neighborhoods of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo after over 70 days of non-stop bloody clashes with the terrorists.

Also in August, he Military Council of Manbij in Aleppo province announced that over 4000 terrorists had been killed in tough battle with the SDF since the beginning of Manbij liberation operations.

"A sum of 4180 terrorists have been killed in the battle over Manbij and the dead bodies of 1724 of them are with the Kurdish forces," the military council said.

The council said that 112 ISIL terrorists were in custody of the Kurdish forces and 144 different kinds of military vehicles had also been destroyed in Manbij battle.

In late August, a Turkish-backed terrorist ringleader said that his militants intended to head towards Manbij to take the city from the Kurdish forces who could drive out the ISIL in early August.

Colonel Ahmed Osman, the commander of Sultan Murad terrorist group, told the Arabic service of Reuters that the Turkey-backed forces were "certainly heading towards Manbij" since the SDF had fortified their positions instead of evacuating the strategic city.

Also in late August, the Manbij military council warned the Turkish army over deployment of troops to the Northern parts of Syria, and vowed to give "an appropriate response to Ankara's aggressive plans in future".

"We will give firm response to the Turkish army if it continues its troops' deployment in Northern Syria," the Manbij Military Council said in a statement.

Where is John Podesta?

"Where has JOHN PODESTA DISAPPEARED to?" Not Seen or Heard of Since Election Night, Nov 8th!

Reports Tie Clinton’s Podesta Bros to Child Abduction Case of Madeline McCann

Heat wave in Australia

"Rubbish! There's no such thing going to happen here!"

--V.R – fact-resistant Australian

"The sort of temperatures that see roads melt": Eastern Australia to hit 40+ deg C (104F+) in the coming days

2 December, 2016

The sort of temperatures that see roads melt and cold taps flowing with boiling water are set to scorch Sydney and northern New South Wales over the next few days with the weather bureau officially forecasting a rare "extreme heatwave".

There are total fire bans in place for Sydney, the Hunter Valley, Northern Slopes and north-western parts of the state and the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) is warning strong, gusty winds in the north-west could whip up any fires.

The RFS director of operations Rob Rogers tweeted some strongly-worded warnings about the dangers: "Any drop kick that drops a lit cigarette today in a total fire ban area can be fined $1,320." The RFS is warning people not to light camp fires on the sides of road.

"If you've got a camp fire going - you're an idiot," Inspector Bill Britt from Far West NSW RFS said. "Just don't bloody do it."
"Because if we catch you you're going to get fined and if you start a fire and cause a problem and we can trace it back to them -we'll come down hard on them," he said.

A range of temperatures was forecast for Sydney today, with Bondi expected to get a moderate 30 degrees Celsius while Penrith in the city's western reaches could see the mercury 10 degrees higher to a hot 40C. Sure, head to the beach to cool down, but make sure it is not for long as the UV index is expected to reach extreme levels in Sydney and other parts of the state

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said a low pressure trough had created a pool of warm air but temperatures were expected to drop by about 10 degrees next week.

Duty forecaster Katarina Kovacevic said the dry conditions should linger throughout summer: "It looks like at least on Tuesday that we could see a little bit of cooler air coming across the north east of the state, so a potential easing of conditions in the early part of the new week."

Southern and central Queensland are also bracing for an extreme heatwave, with the temperature in outback parts predicted to hit 46C as early as today.
BOM said it would be cooler in coastal areas with the mercury forecast to stay in the 30s.

Make sure your pets have plenty of shade and enough cool water to last the entire day.

Putting ice cubes in their bowl will help keep their water cool for longer.

Check on them regularly. Don't leave children or pets in parked vehicles. Ever. For any period of time.

Abby Martin on Trump and "Fake News"

Paul Jay and Abby Martin on Trump and 'Fake News'

Paul Jay and Abby Martin discuss Trump's cabinet appointments, Jill Stein's effort to recount the vote, and who's really producing the fake news

Foreign Intel Agencies Prepare To Cyber Attack Russia's Financial Institutions

Foreign intel agencies to launch massive cyberattacks on Russian financial system – FSB

2 December, 2016

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has information that foreign intelligence agencies are preparing to launch cyberattacks aimed at destabilizing Russia's financial system, starting as early as next week.

The attacks will also target the activities of Russia’s largest banks.

Trump supporters celebrate as election returns come in at Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump's election night rally in Manhattan, New York, U.S., November 8, 2016. © Jonathan Ernst

The cyberattacks, which will start from December 5, will be accompanied by a massive spam text message campaign and inflammatory social network and blog posts – all related to an alleged crisis in the credit and financial system and the bankruptcy and revocation of licenses from major federal and regional banks, a statement published on the FSB website dded.

Dozens of Russian cities will be targeted in the cyber assault, it added.
It has been established that the servers and command centers to be used for the attacks are located in the Netherlands, and belong to Ukrainian hosting company BlazingFast, the FSB reported.

The FSB said it is taking measures to neutralize the threats.

The Finance Ministry views the situation as stable, according to Deputy Minister Aleksey Moiseyev, as cited by TASS.

We hope that the banks’ cyber security systems will be able to repel [the attacks], we think that banks are generally very well prepared. However, if necessary, the Central Bank and the Treasury will provide additional liquidity,” the deputy minister said.
© Martin Moxter / Global Look Press

The Russian Ministry of Communications has held emergency meetings with communications service providers and key banks, giving them guidelines on how to deal with the cyberattacks, the ministry’s press service told RIA Novosti.

We confirm the cooperation with the FSB on confronting cyberattacks in the financial sector. We have held two meetings with communications service providers and major banks, we have sent out telegrams with the instructions on what to do in case of attacks and the way those organizations will have to address the ministry and the Federal Security Service,” the ministry said.

Chief Deputy of the Security Control and Data Protection department at Russia’s Central Bank, Artyom Sychev, says their security experts are aware of the threat and are ready to respond if need be.

Russia’s Communications and Mass Communications Ministry has had a meeting and worked out certain countermeasures that should be taken to resist this kind of attacks,” Sychev told RT.

There were similar incidents in 2014, but the joint efforts of Russia’s banking institutions helped to quickly resolve the situation, Sychev said.

Erdogan backs down agaisnt Assad

Vladimir Putin calls Erdogan, forces Turkey to back down against Assad
Following telephone conversation with Russian President Putin, Turkish President Erdogan is forced humiliatingly to backtrack on his comments of a day before yesterday that the objective of Operation Euphrates Shield is the overthrow of Syrian President Assad.

2 December, 2016

Turkish President Erdogan’s admission that the ultimate objective of Operation Euphrates Shield is the overthrow of Syrian President Assad has provoked fury in Russia and a very strong reaction from the Russians.

Yesterday Dmitry Peskov, President’s Putin’s spokesman, made Russia’s anger very clear

The statement was indeed news, this is a very serious statement. [It] is in discord with the previous [statements] in general and with our understanding of the situation. We hope that in the near future there will be explanations on this from our Turkish partners. Before making any judgments, we expect that this position will be clarified.”

Peskov also made it clear that Erdogan never said anything to Putin about overthrowing Assad during their telephone conversation on 26th November 2016.

The Kremlin’s account of that conversation was incidentally extremely short even by the Kremlin’s standards, merely saying

The two leaders continued their exchange of opinions on the situation in Syria.”
It is in fact known that what happened was that Erdogan telephoned Putin to complain about the alleged Syrian air strike on Turkish troops north of Al-Bab, which the Turks say killed and wounded several Turkish soldiers.

The terse Kremlin account of the conversation suggests that there was a furious row, with Putin reminding Erdogan that unlike Russian troops, who are in Syria legally at the invitation of Syria’s legitimate government, Turkish troops are present in Syria illegally and contrary to the wishes of Syria’s legitimate government, and that for this reason the Russians are not in a position to help them.

Erdogan’s comments about the Turkish troops being in Syria to overthrow President Assad were almost certainly provoked by this row with Putin. It seems Erdogan came away smarting from his conversation with Putin and – as is his character – tried to save face by saying more than it was wise of him to say.

The result was another furious telephone conversation between Putin and Erdogan yesterday. The Kremlin’s account is again short and terse

The President of Russia expressed condolences over the children killed in a fire in a girls’ dormitory in the city of Adana.
The presidents discussed current issues of Russian-Turkish relations, including bilateral contacts at different levels in the near future.
They continued their detailed exchange of views on Syria, including the developments in Aleppo.”
However on this occasion we have more information about the call from Putin’s aide Yury Ushakov

I can only say that a telephone conversation between our president and Erdogan took place yesterday, and the topic [of Turkey’s presence in Syria] was addressed. Yes, he [Erdogan] gave an explanation.”
Today Erdogan has made public what that “explanation” was. Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reports him telling a meeting of village elders at his Presidential palace in Ankara

The aim of the Euphrates Shield Operation is no country or person but only terror organisations. No one should doubt this issue that we have uttered over and over, and no one should comment on it in another fashion or try to [misrepresent its meaning].”
In other words Erdogan has backed down. After his conversation with Putin he has now been forced to deny the truth of what he said just the day before yesterday: that he is seeking to overthrow President Assad. Instead he is once again being forced to pretend that the objective of Operation Euphrates Shield is not the overthrow of President Assad but the defeat of ISIS and of the Kurdish militia the YPG, both of which he calls “terrorist organisations”.

In fact the meaning of Erdogan’s previous comments of the day before yesterday was perfectly clear. Moreover they undoubtedly spoke the truth – as Hurriyet admits. As I have repeatedly said, there is no doubt Erdogan remains personally committed to the overthrow of President Assad. Not only his comments but all his actions confirm as much.

The fact that Erdogan has now been forced publicly to retract on what he said – which was true – and that he has been forced by Putin to do so publicly – must therefore be doubly humiliating to him. It shows how frightened of Putin Erdogan is, and who is the dominant one of the two.

As for the Russians, there is no doubt they know what Erdogan’s true intentions in Syria are. By forcing him to deny them in public, they have however demonstrated the extent of their ascendancy over him. That will make it easier for them to keep him in check and under control in future.

Russia Again Disciplines The Wannabe Sultan

The Russians just gave (again) a public lecture of how to handle the wannabe-Sultan Erdogan.

Moon of Alabama,
1 December, 2016
The Turkish military launched its operations in Syria to end the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Nov. 29.
In my estimation, nearly 1 million people have died in Syria. These deaths are still continuing without exception for children, women and men. Where is the United Nations? What is it doing? Is it in Iraq? No. We preached patience but could not endure in the end and had to enter Syria together with the Free Syrian Army [FSA],” Erdoğan said at the first Inter-Parliamentary Jerusalem Platform Symposium in Istanbul.
Why did we enter? We do not have an eye on Syrian soil. The issue is to provide lands to their real owners. That is to say we are there for the establishment of justice. We entered there to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad who terrorizes with state terror. [We didn’t enter] for any other reason,” the president said.
If Turkish troops were in Syria to remove its President, instead with the flimsy excuse of fighting ISIS under a badly fitting UN mandate, they would be a hostile invasion force and a legitimate target for Syria and its allies. The remark was thus stupid.  It weakened the Turkish position.

Erdogan was immediately told so:
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement that his goal in Syria was to end the rule of Bashar Assad has caused consternation in the Kremlin, with officials saying it contradicted previous assurances and was out of sync with Moscow’s take on the situation.
"The statement was indeed news, this is a very serious statement. [It] is in discord with the previous [statements] in general and with our understanding of the situation," Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.
"We hope that in the near future there will be explanations on this from our Turkish partners," he said, adding that Russia is the only country whose armed forces are in Syria on a legitimate basis – at the direct request of the Syrian authorities.
The emphasized part is a hardly hidden direct threat. Erdogan put his forces in Syria into immediate jeopardy.

Erdogan tried to save the situation, promising a retreat from his statement for at least some gain for the Jihadis he supports.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan discussed the grave situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin by phone on Nov. 30 for the third time in a week, with the two “agreeing on the need for a ceasefire,” presidential sources said.
The sources said the two leaders agreed to step up efforts to stop clashes in Aleppo and deliver humanitarian aid to civilians in the besieged city.
That was the Turkish version of the call. The Russian statement on that call was sparse and did not mention any ceasefire.
Thus this translation from Diplomatese:
"I will take that statement back if you give me a ceasefire deal in Aleppo," Erdogan told President Putin.
"Screw you," was the response.
Lavrov said the bloodshed must stop in Syria and the region, that Moscow was ready to talk to all parties in the war, and that it would continue cooperating with Turkey. But he also vowed Russia would continue its operations in eastern Aleppo and would rescue the city from what he described as terrorists.
Erdogan's statement, aimed at his supporters in Turkey and elsewhere, created a legal mess for his troops. The attempt to sell a retreat from it for some gain was harshly rejected by Russia. Now all Erdogan could do was to take his statement back with no gain at all. This was quite a loss of face for him - a well deserved one.
Turkey’s military operation in Syria is not against any country or person but terror groups in general, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, in contrast to earlier remarks that Turkey’s objective was to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad following.
The aim of the Euphrates Shield Operation is no country or person but only terror organizations. No one should doubt this issue that we have uttered over and over, and no one should comment on it in another fashion or try to [misrepresent its meaning],” Erdoğan said at a 30th gathering with village chiefs at the Presidential Palace in Ankara on Dec. 1.
Hahaha - see how that dog pulls its tail between its legs - whining in retreat?
The game Erdogan tried would probably have worked with Merkel, or some other EU politician. Russia will have none of it. No means no. When Russia says stay out of Al-Bab it means stay out of Al-Bab. With regard to Syria Erdogan now has to do what he is told to do. He was just publicly lectured about that again. Still, I doubt that he really learned the lesson